In what ways does institutional / systemic racism exist in society? (USA)

6 answers

  • People of color are likely to receive harsher prison sentences than white people who commit the same crime.

  • Unconscious bias of healthcare providers, e.g. not mentioning a particular treatment if they assume the patient can't afford it.

  • Implicit racial bias affects the decisions police make, usually in favor of white people - even police who sincerely believe themselves not to be racist.

  • Public school budgets are often correlated with property values: rich neighborhoods are more likely to be more 'white' and to have better teachers and more money for education.

  • In the 1930s, the Home Owners' Loan Corporation often considered African American neighborhoods to be a higher default risk, making it harder for African Americans to receive housing loans. This has had long lasting effects that are still felt today.

  • Standardized testing is a form of institutional racism, because it is biased in favor of people from particular socio-cultural backgrounds.