Is the Trump administration a fascist threat?

10 answers

  • No: if Trump were a fascist threat, he would be seeking to disarm the citizens already.

  • Trump is a demagogue, exploiting passion over reason to stir up hatred in his supporters.

  • Trump's admin attacks the free press while the White House publishes provable lies. This is reminiscent of the Nazis branding the free press "Lügenpresse".

  • Trump has occasionally (even if jokingly?) defended violence as a way to deal with his critics or opposition of the GOP.

  • Fascists supported male authority within the family and society, with women confined to the role of mother and housekeeper. Trump seems to have more than his fair share of misogynistic views.

  • Trump repeatedly tells us to ignore the "fake news" and that he is the only one we can trust. That's pretty bad.

  • Trump has often threatened to lock up his political rivals.

  • Trump spread falsehoods about the integrity of the US electoral process.

  • Trump nurtures Islamophobia.

  • Trump has consistently obstructed investigations into his own affairs.