Is HS2, the UK's planned high speed railway between London and the North, a good idea?

5 answers

  • No. If it was going to be worth it, it would have been happily funded by private investors rather than the taxpayer against the majority's wishes.

  • Yes. It's not about saving 27 minutes compared to the current journey, it's about increasing capacity in the network. The current rail system is overburdened, and the population continues to rise: HS2 will help.

  • No. Coronavirus lockdown has shown that lots of work can be done remotely via video conferencing tools. Physically commuting for work will become a lot less necessary in the future.

  • Yes. The UK's rail infrastructure is largely Victorian and requires a lot of maintenance. A modern update will be more efficient to run.

  • It wouldn't be so bad if the project were run in a competent way. As it is, we've seen the budget explode hugely and timeframes constantly pushed back.