Should cannabis be legalised? (UK)

7 answers

  • Yes. Legalisation would reduce children's access to cannabis by introducing legal age limits for cannabis use.

  • Yes. Legalisation would enable regulation of potency and quality of the drug.

  • Yes. Decriminalising cannabis use would free up police resources, which could be used to prevent and solve more crimes.

  • Yes. Some cannabis users need help and support, but our current system deems them criminals instead.

  • Yes. If cannabis was sold legally, it could also be used to generate tax revenue, which could be spent on public services.

  • Yes. Legalising cannabis could take an estimated £2.5 billion out of criminal gangs and the black market.

  • Yes. The illegal cannabis market fuels gang violence, whereas legalising cannabis would reduce the number of people who would get involved with a gang.