What interesting differences exist between the political left and right?

7 answers

  • Moral opinion on fairness. Left: fairness often implies equality. Right: fairness means being rewarded proportionally to what you contributed.

  • Liberals tend to treat disadvantaged groups (women, Blacks) better than advantaged groups (men, Whites), whereas conservatives are more likely to treat all groups roughly equally.

  • On social media, right-leaning people are more likely to see a broader spectrum of opinion, whereas left-leaning people tend to stay within the echo chamber of their peers.

  • Liberals think conservatives are bad people attached to ideas, while conservatives think liberals are just bad ideas attached to people.

  • Conservatives are on average physically healthier than liberals.

  • "The right look for converts, the left look for traitors."

  • "If a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who's been arrested." - Tom Wolfe